Farmville, Chefville


Mighty Play worked for 4 years for Zynga creating expansion sets to the Farmville and Chefville games, serving over 30 million daily active users. We also handled live ops for expansion packs for Farmville. We worked closely with the Zynga team on release strategy and goals and then executed on new game play and rewards all to successfully engage and retain users. 


Learning to manage new releases for 30 million daily active users, takes planning, creativity and a strong process. We worked closely with the Zynga team to ensure that each release was done at just the right moment, following strict release protocols. We did so well as Zynga’s partner they kept us on for years. 

digital development, UI, UX, engineering

Data Analysis

Everything at Zynga is driven by analytics. What ever the user is or isn’t doing drives the next decision. At Mighty Play we believe in using analytics on all and any size project.