Children’s Educational Apps

Pre-K to Middle School


With over a hundred digital learning products, we have fine tuned our design and technology expertise to support product plans from simple apps to complex learning platforms. Some clients came to us with a brand and an idea. For others, we started with their curriculum and designed games and technologies that allowed users to engage with that curriculum.  Each time we collaborated with our clients key stakeholders to bring their idea to life.


The Mighty Play development process has a well-tested structure but it also has a lot of fluidity to accommodate innovation, redirection and most important user feedback. The Mighty Play digital design and development team starts with client’s goals and what they envision for their project. We quickly move into ideation, concepting, testing and prototyping. From there we start production and move through the stages of re-testing with the end user and change the product as needed. 

Designing and Developing for Kids

There is a unique challenging when working on products for kids. The end user and the purchaser are often different. A child or young student may use the product but the person purchasing is often an adult. The product must first be a flawless and engaging experience for the kid but appeal to the adult. This is why Mighty Play focuses on both the child, or student, and the adult who is going to purchase. Thus we always test adult sensibilities, and their desires for their child or student as well as the user experience. Our interactions with both constituents starts at the beginning and flows through the whole development process.


Engineering across the hundreds of learning products we have created was often a unique challenge each time. Sometimes we were working with existing teams on their platform, sometimes we were coding for rich 3D animations that had to match a high quality movie or show. And every time we were developing new games, new UI and new activities that had to run smoothly and quickly. Our expert engineers wrote code in and for HTML5, HTML, Android Native iOS Native, Unity 3D Adobe Flash/Flex/Air. They also integrated with multiple third party systems, set up servers and database management systems. And when needed, they created new APIs. If we could imagine it, they made it happen.