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Investing Basics – Everfi


The Everfi team wanted an immersive experience that was highly engaging for high school students. The product offers a wide variety of interactions and simulations across the curriculum. A hallmark of this project is the diversity of characters and environments. Working closely with the Everfi development team, Mighty Play designed the UI and many of the interactions. Mighty Play also created all of the characters and artwork. Our engineers used the Everfi platform as the foundation for building the course but added in new code whenever unique interactions were requested.  Check out the course here  Marketplaces


Starting with the Everfi curriculum and script, we brainstormed ideas for interactions. From there, we created storyboards and UI layouts for each and every line of script. We selected interactions that were re-usable from the Everfi platform and developed new interactions. 

Design, Development, UI, UX, Engineering, code, Website, app

User Interface Design

Each page of the course offered new and unique interactions, we needed an interface that quickly communicated how to navigate each page. We moved forward with a clean UI that allowed users to focus on the content and not the UI. Text layout was important too, it provided instructional learning and directions on how to move forward. We also built efficiency into the design, allowing users to complete their intended task as quickly as possible. 


Using existing APIs and creating new code, our engineering team worked with the Everfi platform to build the application. There was a time crunch on this project and every moment counted. Our top notch developers were constantly assessing the designs and coming up with ways to implement the interactions in the most efficient way. Our team needed to learn and existing code base, write new code and contribute to the development library on a fast timeline.

Design, Development, UI, UX, Engineering, code, Website, app