Sanford Inspire Online Platform

Redefining Teacher Professional Development


Inspire offers free, high-quality professional development for teachers. The Sanford Inspire movement prepares and supports inspirational teachers. With a suite of research-based, classroom-tested professional development modules, teachers can create a learning environment that is productive, rewarding, and inspirational. Mighty Play worked with the Inspire Team to design and develop a new platform for easier access to their high quality content.  SanfordInspire


Visual Design, UI, UX, Engineering, Curriculum Design, Editorial – Starting with Inspires outstanding curriculum, we launched into a new UI and UX design along with a new look and feel. Our goal was to support the Inspire team’s wishes to make the content more accessible, create a user friendly dashboard and surface the key elements needed for each module. Our engineers built a solid platform that is flexible and gives Inspire the ability to edit content in the future.  Our content team both wrote and edited content across the board creating a seamless voice and easy to follow directions. 

Mighty Play Digital Design and Development
Mighty Play digital Design and Development

User Interface Design

With over seventy eight modules and ten elements for each module, our biggest challenge was organization for ease of use. Individual modules offered multiple different, but relevant, pieces of content, from videos to interactive courses to printable and editable documents. We needed to quickly communicate to the end users how to approach the content for the greatest success.  We moved forward with a clean UI that allowed users to focus on the content. Text layout was important too, it provided instructional learning and directions on how to move forward. We also built efficiency into the design, allowing users to complete their intended task as quickly as possible. 


Our top notch development team was tasked with creating a new platform for Inspire in 16 short weeks. This included: single sign on and registration, seventy eight individual course modules, rotating content on the dashboard, a CMS system, reporting, groups, contact forms, a blog, a forum, migration of existing users data and a number of secondary pages. Our engineers were constantly assessing the designs and coming up with ways to implement the desired interactions in the most efficient way. Not only did they meet the deadline, the site is fast and just delightful to use.

Mighty Play Digital Design and Development