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Mighty Play’s Consumer Research Advantage

Consumer Research Drives Product Success

Mighty Play offers consumer research expertise to companies seeking to gain a competitive edge and to drive increased consumer satisfaction. We do this by better understanding end user preferences and needs. For over 10 years, Mighty Play has offered our clients a uniquely integrated consumer research and product development process. Our team has helped successfully engage, entertain, educate and train literally millions of customers.  Through time-tested consumer usability and other research tools, Mighty Play has delivered award-winning and top-selling products again and again. We offer our unique consumer research process to any company looking to better understand their customers, thereby driving product and market success.

A Unique Methodology With A Big Impact

Mighty Play employs best practices for each and every research project. This includes recruiting, creating testing guides, and understanding testing protocols. With our dual expertise in product development and consumer insights, we not only manage all aspects of any research effort, but we have the unique ability to ask spontaneous questions, during sessions, that elicit actionable responses and feedback from the consumer. All businesses are constrained by technology, timelines and budgets. With actionable feedback, our clients can make the right product development or strategic decisions in real time, allowing them to not only save on expenses but to build a better product or service that reaches more customers.  At Mighty Play, our final reports have consumer feedback notes that translate into actionable recommendations. We do this by using our own experience across years of development to lead and guide business units and marketing teams with the most effective and timely recommendations.

Team Experience

Mighty Play has been interviewing, observing, analyzing and surveying consumers for many years. We have conducted longer-term studies as well as ethnographic research. We have worked in standard facilities, on site, in schools, at community centers and even in homes. Our team has conducted research all across the US and internationally. We have recruited and worked with multiple economic and social demographics. We are committed to garnering and delivering consumer feedback that is actionable and can drive exceptional products. And, most importantly, we have a passion for what we do — create great products that make life better.

Does your company or business unit need consumer research?  Contact us so we can discuss how we can support your needs. 

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