November 15, 2016 by News

Mighty Play’s Expertise With Educational Platforms Grows

For ten years, Mighty Play has been designing and developing digital learning games, websites, toys and apps. But we also have a deep expertise in learning platforms.
A learning platform is an entire system that carries a user from introductory or basic knowledge of a skill to mastery, through interactive learning activities, games, tools and assessments. Digital learning platforms also have communication systems, reporting for students and teachers and learning paths that help a student follow a prescribed curriculum.

In the Mighty Play portfolio we have conceived and /or developed the following learning platforms: Fingerprint’s Mobile Learning and Play, Common Sense Media’s Digital Passport, Disney Learning’s Mobile Apps, and Cengage’s Mindtap Math Foundations. While designing and developing these digital products and platforms, we learned an enormous amount about ensuring learning success with digital tools.

Last year we launched our own digital learning platform called StudyAce. StudyAce is a customizable learning game platform that focuses on practice for success. StudyAce offers a wide library of curriculum from 3rd grade to 12th grade. Each study set offers learning games, flashcards and practice tests. And, many include instructional videos. Mobile first, StudyAce is the only platform that leads with learning games and allows students to engage with their material without fear of failure. Games have been proven to lower a student’s affective filters and allow them to “play” to win. Students and instructors can use StudyAce for free or join as a premium member to enjoy all of the StudyAce content. Join today:

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