November 15, 2016 by News

Learning Games Drive Student Success

At Mighty Play, we’ve known about the power of learning games for decades. As a top digital design and development agency, we’ve watched students young and old engage with curriculum or learning content for extended periods of time.
And we’ve seen students move from initial introduction of a concept to mastery over a short period of play.

But now with Vanderbilt University’s study,  “Substantial Integration of Typical Educational Games into Extended Curriculum,” by Legends of Learning, we know that students who play games outperform their peers on standardized tests.  Additionally, teachers saw dramatic increases in engagement and performance. Wait, what!? Yes, finally a large study that proves what we here at Mighty Play have been saying all along. Studying with gaming works!

We will continue to be advocates of gaming and learning. And the Mighty Play team will continue to create effective, engaging and enlightening learning game products. We have watched hundreds of students go from fear to freedom in minutes simply by playing. The act of playing in an environment that is forgiving and encouraging is one that drives student success. Student’s leave their fear of a subject behind and begin to try to puzzle through the learning game. The content becomes less daunting as they ramp from easy wins to more challenging content and play.

If you want our winning formula of learning game success on your project or platform, contact us today. We’re ready to help.

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