November 15, 2016 by News

User Focused Web Design & Development

Digital product success relies on impeccable visual design. UI and UX are at the heart of Mighty Play’s expertise. With each successful product, web design has been at the center of the user experience. We understand that each site has to be visually appealing, aligned with the brand, serve a variety of use cases and deliver on a seamless user experience.

With Cengage’s MindTap Math Foundations, Mighty Play not only designed and developed educational games, activities and tools, but we designed and developed the web UI. From the moment a user enters the site, they can rely on an easy to follow visual language to take them from one assignment to the next. The student dashboard keeps students apprised of their next assignment as well as their progress. Game goals and feedback are explicitly communicated.

This is only one example of the examples of the hundreds we’ve successfully created. If you are looking for expertise in UI / UX and Visual Design for your site, we’re your team. Contact us to see how we can help. 

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