Common Sense Media’s Digital Passport


Common sense media approached Mighty Play with a curriculum they had developed for digital media. The curriculum was on paper and they wanted to bring it to life through games, videos, education and rewards. After researching the initial concepts and age ranges with students and teachers, we settled on upper elementary as the target age range and started to work on development of the best digital literacy platform around.


Working closely with the Common Sense Media team, Mighty Play came up with a number of game concepts and an overall system design to accommodate all of the features that students and teachers were looking for. We needed to address not only the student, but the classroom dynamics and the teachers need for ease of use. We developed a program that can be completed in small chunks during classroom time. As always we conducted extensive research along the way to ensure the UI and UX were working for student and teacher. We were also confirming that the experience was engaging and effective.

Creating The Teacher Dashboard and Reporting System

With years of educational design and development behind us, we could rely on our team experts to create a custom dashboard for teachers. Ease of use, clear iconography and simplicity where top of mind. We gave teachers what they asked for and they thanked us for it.


Our engineering expertise in front-end, back-end and game development meant that we could handle this challenge with confidence. Each element of the system needed to work seamlessly. Teachers don’t have down time, and neither could Digital Passport.