Girls Who Innovate


Maureen Bunney and Madeline Schroeder started Girls Who Innovate as a way to lead more girls into the world of tech through design. For many girls the approach of coding first to gain experience with tech backfires and leaves them feeling that they can’t’ succeed in the exciting world of technology. Our focus is on innovation, easy to use technology tools and creation as a means of immediate success and gratification in the use of technology tools. From there we move girls into more advance technologies and editor tools. Girls Who Innovate

Technology Workshops That Appeal To Girls

In an new approach to getting girls into the world of technology, we decided to tap into their creativity and passions vs. emphasizing math and coding. We decided to allow girls to expand on their beliefs, their volunteer work, their passions and their creativity in project based workshops that allow them to express who they really are and what is most important to them.


Our engineering team is experimenting with tools that allow girls to create demo apps easily and in a visual manner. Stay tuned!