Consumer Research

Consumer Research Drives Product Success

Staying close to the consumer has been a big part of our winning digital product development process. We’ve conducted thousands of interviews, observed prototype and product usability on every product we’ve worked on and conducted online and in home studies. We work across the country in-person with local teams, or remotely via live feeds. Contact Us to learn how we can help you with your research needs.

A Unique Methodology With A Big Impact

Mighty Play employs best practices for each and every research project. This includes recruiting, creating testing guides, and understanding testing protocols. With our dual expertise in product development and consumer insights, we not only manage all aspects of any research effort, but we have the unique ability to ask spontaneous questions, during sessions, that elicit actionable responses and feedback from the consumer. All businesses are constrained by technology, timelines and budgets. With actionable feedback, our clients can make the right product development or strategic decisions in real time, allowing them to not only save on expenses but to build a better product or service that reaches more customers.

We offer the following Research Services:

  • Focus Groups
    • Moderator guide design
    • Recruiting and screening
    • Moderating and facilitating locally or remotely
    • Data input & analysis
    • Online and in-person surveys
    • Video and audio recording
    • Live feeds for remote viewing of focus groups
    • Written and visual final reports
    • Local location scouting and rentals for focus group sessions
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Online surveys
  • Qualitative research
  • Forced ranking exercises
  • Short and long term usability studies
  • UI and UX user preference studies

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